et Romain proposent tous les jeudis une    dont certaines sont dédiées à notre mag préféré.

Progscopie - 250 - 20200924

Pour cette émission nous effeuillons le magazine Prog-Résiste et ses 3 numéros: 99, 100, 101. Au programme:
Opeth: Allting tar slut [8’31"; from "In Cauda Venenum" ; Suè; Métal progressif]
Magma: Streüm Ündëts Ẁëhëm (Pont De L'En-Delá) [6’4"; from "Zëss" ; Fra; Zeuhl]
Kaprekar's Constant: Holywell Street [4’38"; from "Depth of Field" ; UK; Progressif]
Tides From Nebula: Nothing to Fear and Nothing to Doubt [8’12"; from "From voodoo to zen" ; Pol; Post-rock]
IQ: Stay Down [7’54"; from "Resistance" ; UK; Néo-prog]
Barock Project: Cold Fog [9’5"; from "Seven Seas" ; Ita; Néo-prog]
Anekdoten: In For A Ride [6’47"; from "A time of day" ; Suè; Progressif]
Steven Wilson: The Watchmaker [11’40"; from "The raven that refused to sing" ; UK; Progressif]
Panzerpappa: Belgerisk impro [6’48"; from "Summarisk suite" ; Suè; RIO]
Magenta: Colours [10’50"; from "We are legend" ; UK; Néo-prog]
RPWL: Light Of The World [10’8"; from "Tales from outer space" ; Ger; Néo-prog]

Progscopie - 240 - 20191003

Avec son rédacteur en chef Olivier Delooz, nous abordons les différentes rubriques de ne n°97 du magazine Prog-Résiste:
Kate Bush: Cloudbusting (video mix) [6‘57"; from "Hounds of Love" ; 1984]
Moltorpsycho: Lux Aeterna [10‘55"; from "The crucible" ; 2019]
Overture: Il Mendicante [8‘10"; from "Overture" ; 2019]
The Wrong Object: Mango Juice [9‘1"; from "Into the Herd" ; 2018]
Marillion: Warm Wet Circle_That Time of the Night [10‘26"; from "Clutching at Straws" ; 1986]
T : Lifeoscopy [6‘1"; from "Solipsystemology" ; 2019]
Samla Mammas Manna: Ramlösa Kvällar (Frameless Nights) [5‘25"; from "Klossa Knapitatet" ; 1973]
Steve Hackett: Under the eye of the sun [7‘7"; from "At the edge of light" ; 2019]
Swans: Screen shot [8‘4"; from "To be kind" ; 2014]
Claypool Lennon Delirium: Amethyst Realm [7‘47"; from "South of Reality" ; 2019]

Progscopie - 232 - 20190516

Nous abordons le n°96 du magazine Prog-Résiste. Au programme:
Manna/Mirage: 3rd degree of freedom [7‘18"; from "Rest of the world"; 2018]
Soft Machine: Ground lift [5‘21"; from "Hidden details"; 2018]
Soft Machine: Kings and queens [5‘2"; from "Fourth"; 1971]
Nino Ferrer: Introduction [5‘26"; from "Blanat"; 1976]
VAK: Hquark [23‘3"; from "Budo"; 2018]
Mind's Door: The edge of the world [12‘25"; from "The edge of the world"; 2018]
Rush: Hemisphere [18‘9"; from "Cygnus X"; 1978]
The Beatles: Revolution n°1 [10‘28"; from "White album"; 1968]
Sequencia Legenda: Floating time [21‘12"; from "Over there"; 2018]

Progscopie - 226 - 20190221

Pour illustrer le contenu du magazine dédié au rock progressif, au menu:
Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Chile Blues [8‘48"; from "Blues" ; USA; Blues progressif]
The Tangent: The Adulthood Lie [16‘6"; from "Proxy " ; GB; Progressif/Jazz-rock]
Soup: Going somewhere [8‘13"; from "Remedies" ; Nor; Post-Rock/Rock progressif]
Roine Stolt's The Flower King: Rio Grande [7‘51"; from "Manifesto of an Alchemist " ; Suè; Symphonique]
Circle Around The Sun: Halicarnassus [19‘14"; from "Let it wander" ; USA; Psychédélique/Space-rock]
Gryphon: The Euphrates Connection [5‘58"; from "ReInvention" ; GB; Folk progressif]
Steve Hackett & Anthony Phillips: In a Perfect World [3‘7"; from "Harmony for Elephants (V.A.)" ; GB; Progressif ]
Southern Empire: Goliath's Moon [9‘12"; from "Civilization" ; Aus; Progressif/néo-prog]
Bubu: Penas [7‘25"; from "El eco del sol" ; Arg; Symphonique]
The Necks: Silverwater [19‘13"; from "Silverwater" ; Aus; Ambient/Avant-prog]

Progscopie - 219 - 20181115

Nous aborderons avec Thierry Istace et Olivier Delooz le n°94 du magazine Prog-Résiste. Au programme:
The Pineapple Thief: White Mist [11‘4"; from "Dissolution"; GB; Rock progressif]
Steven Wilson: Some Things Cannot Be Changed [2‘58"; from "Last Day Of June"; GB; Rock progressif]
Steven Wilson: There Must Be A Way [1‘17"; from "Last Day Of June"; GB; Rock progressif]
Steven Wilson: Last Day Of June [8‘18"; from "Last Day Of June"; GB; Rock progressif]
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.: Pink Lady Lemonade (You're My Orb) [8‘43"; from "Electric Dream Ecstasy"; Jap; Space-rock]
The Flower Kings: Last Minute On Earth [11‘51"; from "The Rainmaker"; Suè; Néo]
A Perfect Circle: Get The Lead Out [6‘40"; from "Eat The Elephant"; USA; Alternatif/expérimental]
Rémi Orts Project: What if [6‘8"; from "Sanctuary II"; Fra; Electronique]
Al Stewart: Year of the cat [6‘33"; from "Classic rock box"; USA; Soft rock]
Homunculus Res: Bianco supremo [3‘32"; from "Della stessa sostanza dei sogni"; Ita; Canterbury]
Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade: Thela Hun Ginjeet [14‘25"; from "Live frog set 1"; USA; Jazz-rock/funk/rock progressif]
John Miles: Music [5‘49"; from "Rebel"; USA; Pop-Rock ]
Talons: Movement on seven [5‘43"; from "We all know"; GB; Post-rock]

Progscopie - 215 - 20180503

Une description du contenu du n° 93 du magazine Prog-Résiste dédié au rock progressif. Au contenu:
Jethro Tull: Songs from the wood [4‘54"; from "Songs from the wood" ; UK; Folk-prog]
Robert Reed: Sanctuary III (pt 1) [21‘13"; from "Sanctuary III" ; UK; Celtic/Ambient]
Marillion: The great excape (live at La Cigale, Paris, 29/04/1994) [9‘34"; from "Brave" ; UK; Néo-prog]
Camembert: Fécondée par un extra-terrestre [15‘10"; from "Negative Toe" ; Fra; Avant-prog/RIO]
Arena: The Legend of Elijah Shade [22‘59"; from "Double Vision" ; UK; Neo-prog]
Holy Mushroom: C the preacher [12‘36"; from "Moon" ; Esp; Psychédélique]
Gleb Kolyadin: The room [4‘13"; from "Gleb Kolyadin" ; Rus; Prog de chambre]
Gleb Kolyadin: Confluence [10‘23"; from "Gleb Kolyadin" ; Rus; Prog de chambre]


Progscopie - 206 - 20180503

Nous abordons le contenu du n°92 du magazine belge sur le rock progressif. Au programme:
Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfish: Joi [3‘52"; from "Blade Runner 2049 - OST"; All; Ambient]
William Sheller: Hare krishna [6‘21"; from "Lux Aeterna"; Fra; Symphonique]
DBA: Skyscraper Souls [18‘9"; from "Skyscraper Souls"; UK; Progressif/pop]
Kauan: Akva [7‘56"; from "Sorni Noi"; Fin; Post-rock]
Machiavel: Mister Street Fair [7‘55"; from "Jester"; Bel; Symphonique]
The Residents: Six things to a cycle (extract) [10‘00"; from "Fingerprince"; USA; Experimental]
Kraftwerk: Kristallo [6‘18"; from "Rald and Florian"; All; Krautrock]
Aldo Tagliapetra: Musica e parole [4‘39"; from "Invisibili realta"; Ita; Pop progressive]
Nordmann: The king [7‘27"; from "The Boiling Ground"; Be; Jazz-rock]
Lazuli: Chronique canine [6‘17"; from "Saison 8"; Fra; Rock progressif]
Jethro Tull: Part 2 (extract) [5‘0"; from "A passion play"; UK; Folk progressif]

Progscopie - 201 - 20180222

Pour cette émission nous abordons le contenu du n°91 du magazine Prog-Résiste. Description des sections, de certains artistes et nous avons écouté:
Soup: Sleepers [13‘35"; from "Remedies"; NOR; Space-rock/Progressif; ITW-contact]
Alan Parsons Project: The Fall of the House of Usher [16‘10"; from "Tales of Mystery and Imagination"; UK; Progressif pop; Collector]
Astrïd & Rachel Grimes: The Herald En Masse [5‘29"; from "Through the Sparkle"; FRA/USA; Prog de chambre/Post-rock; Indixpensables]
This Patch of Sky: Paper Mountains [5‘15"; from "These Small Spaces"; USA; Post-rock; Courants Alternatifs]
Daydream XI: Collector of souls [6‘28"; from "The Circus Of The Tattered And Torn"; USA; Métal progressif; Metal pressé]
Residents: Rest Aria [5‘9"; from "Meet the residents"; USA; Expérimental; Does humour belong to Prog]
Marillion: Blind Curve [9‘12"; from "Misplaced childhood"; UK; Néo-prog; Collector]
Deluge Grander: Water to glass/The ultimate solution [12‘28"; from "Oceanorium"; USA; Progressif symphonique; AE]
7C: Approaching a City [5‘4"; from "Compartment C"; ITA; Expérimental; Courants Alternatifs]
Il Tempio Delle Clessidre: La spirale del vento [8‘43"; from "Il-ludere"; ITA; Progressif symphonique; ITW-Maison]
We Stood Like Kings: Eldoradosis [6‘30"; from "USA 1982"; BEL; Post-rock; Courants Alternatifs]

Progscopie - 194 - 20171102

Revue du n°90 du magazine Prog-Résiste spécialisé en rock progressif. Avec en invité Thierry Istace.
Accordo dei Contrari: Il violato intato [7‘8"; from "Violato Intato"; Italie; fusion/prog rock;]
David Cross Band: The Pool [9‘7"; from "Sign of the Crow"; UK; prog]
Miriodor: Venin [4‘33"; from "Signal 9"; Can; RIO]
Discipline: The Body yearns [9‘24"; from "Captives of the Dark Wine Sea"; UK; prog symphonique]
Magenta: Colours [10‘47"; from "We are Legend"; UK; Prog]
Big Big Tain: A Mead Hall in the Winter [15‘20"; from "Grimspound"; UK; prog]
Weserbergland: Das Trinklied vom Jammer der Erde [15‘42"; from "Sehr Kosmisch Ganz Progisch"; All; Space-rock]
Giles Giles & Fripp: Just Georges [0‘12"; from "The cheerful insanity of "; UK; Psychédélique]
Giles Giles & Fripp: Elephant song [3‘15"; from "The cheerful insanity of "; UK; Psychédélique]
Giles Giles & Fripp: Erudite eyes [5‘10"; from "The cheerful insanity of "; UK; Psychédélique]
Oiseaux-Tempête: Baalshamin [7‘44"; from " AL-'AN ! الآن (And your night is your shadow — a fairy-tale piece of land to make our dreams)"; Fra; Stoner/Expérimental]
Anathema: Springfield [5‘56"; from "The Optimist"; UK; Néo-prog]

Progscopie - 190 - 20170907

Nous illustrons le n° 89 du magazine belge sur le rock progressif: Prog-Résiste.
Roger Waters: Is this the life we really want [5‘31"; from "Is this the life we really want" ; 2017; Prog-pop; UK]
Thinking Plague: Hoping against hope [10‘6"; from "Hoping against hope" ; 2017; RIO; USA]
Barock Project: Twenty years [6‘4"; from "Detachment" ; 2017; Néo-prog; Ita]
White Willow: A scared view [18‘16"; from "Future hopes" ; 2017; Symphonique; Nor]
Sigur Ros: Svefn-G-Englar [10‘4"; from "Agaetis Byrjun" ; 1999; Post-rock; Isl]
Sigur Ros: Brennistein [7‘44"; from "Kveikur" ; 2013; Post-rock; Isl]
Ayreon: Everybody Dies [4‘42"; from "The Source" ; 2017; Métal progressif; PB]
Ayreon: Star of Sirrah [7‘3"; from "The Source" ; 2017; Métal progressif; PB]
Audio'm: Stolen love bite [14‘46"; from "Audio'm" ; 2016; Prog/néo-folk; Fra]
Cellar Noise: Dive with me [9‘32"; from "Alight" ; 2017; Progressif; Ita]
Kaprekar's Constant: Pearl of the Lake [5‘10"; from "Fate outsmarts desire" ; 2017; Progressif; UK]

Progscopie - 182 - 20170420

Une émission sur le n° 88 du magazine Prog-Résiste. Nous découvrons les artistes présentés dans ce dernier numéro:
10CC: I'm not in love [6’8"; from "The original soundtrack"; 1975]
Ingranaggi Della Valle: Call For Cthulhu_ Orison [9’24"; from "Warm spaced blue"; 2016]
Ingranaggi Della Valle: Inntal [10’34"; from "Warm spaced blue"; 2016]
Ingranaggi Della Valle: Lady Niva [8’49"; from "Warm spaced blue"; 2016]
Gösta Berlings Saga: Konstruktion [2’59"; from "Sersophane"; 2016]
Gösta Berlings Saga: Sersophane [8’4"; from "Sersophane"; 2016]
Gösta Berlings Saga: Fort Europa [8’6"; from "Sersophane"; 2016]
Khan: Stargazer [5’33"; from "Space shanty"; 1973]
Arzachel: Leg [5’45"; from "Arzachel"; 1969]
Mike Oldfield: Return to Ommadawn Pt I -extrait [5’40"; from "Return to Ommadawn"; 2016]
Promenade: Crisantemo [7’39"; from "Noi Al Dir Di Noi"; 2016]
Stackridge: God Speed the Plough [5’29"; from "The Man in the bowler hat"; 1973]
Placebo: Bolkwush [5’40"; from "1973"; 1973]
Shaman Elephant: I.A.B. [4’5"; from "Crystals"; 2016]


Progscopie - 177 - 20170209

Une émission sur le n°87 du magazine Prog-Résiste:
Frank Zappa: Blessed Relief [7‘59"; from "The Grand Wazoo"]
Anaïd: Barcelona [4‘54"; from "Libertad"]
VoLt: An Iinfinity of Nothingness [17‘12"; from "A Day Without Yesterday"]
Esben and the witch: Sylvan [13‘1"; from "Older Terrors"]
Seven Impale: Phoenix [11‘14"; from "Contrapasso"]
Narcotic Daffodils: Million Dollar Baby [3‘38"; from "Cellex"]
Gong: Rejoice! [10‘16"; from "Rejoice! I'm dead"]
Green Violinist: See Beyond [4‘27"; from "Receive & Transmit"]
Focus: All hens on deck [5‘44"; from "Focus X"]
Opeth: Sorceress [5‘49"; from "Sorceress"]
Eveline's Dust: The Painkeeper [8‘11"; from "The Painkeeper"]

Progscopie - 170 - 20161103

Une émission sur le numéro 86 du magazine Prog-Résiste:
Incredible Expanding Mindfuck: The gospel according to the I.E.M [13‘3"; from "Incredible Expanding Mindfuck"; 1996]
McLaughlin/Pastorius/Williams: Dark Prince [6‘36"; from "Trio of Doom"; 1977]
Terry Riley: A rainbow in curved air [18‘40"; from "A rainbow in curved air"; 1969]
Alphataurus: La Mente vola [9‘21"; from "s/t"; 1973]
Marillion: El Dorado [16‘36"; from "F.E.A.R"; 2016]
Mr Bungle: Desert Search For Techno Alla [5‘24"; from "Disco volante"; 1995]
Big Big Train: Winkie [8‘25"; from "Folklore"; 2016]
Deus Ex Machina: Devoto [5‘54"; from "Devoto"; 2016]
A Devil's Din: Never The Same Thing [5‘34"; from "Skylight"; 2016]
New Keepers of the Water Tower: Tachyon deep [6‘7"; from "Infernal Machine"; 2016]

Progscopie - 167 - 20160922

Une émission sur le numéro 85 du magazine Prog-Résiste:
Stanley Clarke: Life suite [13’48"; from "Stanley Clarke"; 1974; Jazz-rock]
Homunculus Res: Vesica pisci [6’22"; from "Comesi diventa cia che si era"; 2015; Canterbury]
Floating Point: Nespole [5’8"; from "Elaenia"; 2015; Progressif électronique]
Hawkwind: Assault and Battery/The Golden Void [10’5"; from "Warriors on the edge of time"; 1975; Space-Rock]
Hawkwind: Seeing It As You Really Are [10’45"; from "Hawkwind"; 1970; space-rock]
Grateful Dead: Terrapine station [16’10"; from "Terrapine station"; 1977; Psychédélique]
Radiohead: Daydreaming [6’24"; from "A moon shaped pool"; 2015; Alternatif]
Yndi Halda: Together Those Leaves [10’36"; from "Under summer"; 2016; Post-rock]
Binar: Another day in la-la-land [10’49"; from "Another day in la-la-land"; 2016; Psybient]

Progscopie - 150 - 20160114

Les numéros 82 et 83 de de Prog-Résiste avec Luc Desrousseaux

Progscopie - 144 - 20151008

Progscopie invite Prog-Résiste (N° 80 & 81)

Progscopie - 130 - 20150212

L'actualité du progressif avec Prog-Résiste (n°79)

Progscopie - 121 - 20141009

Le magazine Prog-Résiste (n°77)

Progscopie - 115 - 20140717

Progscopie invite le magazine Prog-Résiste (N°76)

Progscopie - 103 - 20140123 

Progscopie invite Prog-Résiste (n°74)