et Romain proposent tous les jeudis une    dont certaines sont dédiées à notre mag préféré.

Progscopie - 240 - 20191003

Avec son rédacteur en chef Olivier Delooz, nous abordons les différentes rubriques de ne n°97 du magazine Prog-Résiste:
Kate Bush: Cloudbusting (video mix) [6‘57"; from "Hounds of Love" ; 1984]
Moltorpsycho: Lux Aeterna [10‘55"; from "The crucible" ; 2019]
Overture: Il Mendicante [8‘10"; from "Overture" ; 2019]
The Wrong Object: Mango Juice [9‘1"; from "Into the Herd" ; 2018]
Marillion: Warm Wet Circle_That Time of the Night [10‘26"; from "Clutching at Straws" ; 1986]
T : Lifeoscopy [6‘1"; from "Solipsystemology" ; 2019]
Samla Mammas Manna: Ramlösa Kvällar (Frameless Nights) [5‘25"; from "Klossa Knapitatet" ; 1973]
Steve Hackett: Under the eye of the sun [7‘7"; from "At the edge of light" ; 2019]
Swans: Screen shot [8‘4"; from "To be kind" ; 2014]
Claypool Lennon Delirium: Amethyst Realm [7‘47"; from "South of Reality" ; 2019]

Progscopie - 232 - 20190516

Nous abordons le n°96 du magazine Prog-Résiste. Au programme:
Manna/Mirage: 3rd degree of freedom [7‘18"; from "Rest of the world"; 2018]
Soft Machine: Ground lift [5‘21"; from "Hidden details"; 2018]
Soft Machine: Kings and queens [5‘2"; from "Fourth"; 1971]
Nino Ferrer: Introduction [5‘26"; from "Blanat"; 1976]
VAK: Hquark [23‘3"; from "Budo"; 2018]
Mind's Door: The edge of the world [12‘25"; from "The edge of the world"; 2018]
Rush: Hemisphere [18‘9"; from "Cygnus X"; 1978]
The Beatles: Revolution n°1 [10‘28"; from "White album"; 1968]
Sequencia Legenda: Floating time [21‘12"; from "Over there"; 2018]

Progscopie - 226 - 20190221

Pour illustrer le contenu du magazine dédié au rock progressif, au menu:
Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Chile Blues [8‘48"; from "Blues" ; USA; Blues progressif]
The Tangent: The Adulthood Lie [16‘6"; from "Proxy " ; GB; Progressif/Jazz-rock]
Soup: Going somewhere [8‘13"; from "Remedies" ; Nor; Post-Rock/Rock progressif]
Roine Stolt's The Flower King: Rio Grande [7‘51"; from "Manifesto of an Alchemist " ; Suè; Symphonique]
Circle Around The Sun: Halicarnassus [19‘14"; from "Let it wander" ; USA; Psychédélique/Space-rock]
Gryphon: The Euphrates Connection [5‘58"; from "ReInvention" ; GB; Folk progressif]
Steve Hackett & Anthony Phillips: In a Perfect World [3‘7"; from "Harmony for Elephants (V.A.)" ; GB; Progressif ]
Southern Empire: Goliath's Moon [9‘12"; from "Civilization" ; Aus; Progressif/néo-prog]
Bubu: Penas [7‘25"; from "El eco del sol" ; Arg; Symphonique]
The Necks: Silverwater [19‘13"; from "Silverwater" ; Aus; Ambient/Avant-prog]

Progscopie - 219 - 20181115

Nous aborderons avec Thierry Istace et Olivier Delooz le n°94 du magazine Prog-Résiste. Au programme:
The Pineapple Thief: White Mist [11‘4"; from "Dissolution"; GB; Rock progressif]
Steven Wilson: Some Things Cannot Be Changed [2‘58"; from "Last Day Of June"; GB; Rock progressif]
Steven Wilson: There Must Be A Way [1‘17"; from "Last Day Of June"; GB; Rock progressif]
Steven Wilson: Last Day Of June [8‘18"; from "Last Day Of June"; GB; Rock progressif]
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.: Pink Lady Lemonade (You're My Orb) [8‘43"; from "Electric Dream Ecstasy"; Jap; Space-rock]
The Flower Kings: Last Minute On Earth [11‘51"; from "The Rainmaker"; Suè; Néo]
A Perfect Circle: Get The Lead Out [6‘40"; from "Eat The Elephant"; USA; Alternatif/expérimental]
Rémi Orts Project: What if [6‘8"; from "Sanctuary II"; Fra; Electronique]
Al Stewart: Year of the cat [6‘33"; from "Classic rock box"; USA; Soft rock]
Homunculus Res: Bianco supremo [3‘32"; from "Della stessa sostanza dei sogni"; Ita; Canterbury]
Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade: Thela Hun Ginjeet [14‘25"; from "Live frog set 1"; USA; Jazz-rock/funk/rock progressif]
John Miles: Music [5‘49"; from "Rebel"; USA; Pop-Rock ]
Talons: Movement on seven [5‘43"; from "We all know"; GB; Post-rock]