et Romain proposent tous les jeudis une    dont certaines sont dédiées à notre mag préféré.

Progscopie - 215 - 20180503

Une description du contenu du n° 93 du magazine Prog-Résiste dédié au rock progressif. Au contenu:
Jethro Tull: Songs from the wood [4‘54"; from "Songs from the wood" ; UK; Folk-prog]
Robert Reed: Sanctuary III (pt 1) [21‘13"; from "Sanctuary III" ; UK; Celtic/Ambient]
Marillion: The great excape (live at La Cigale, Paris, 29/04/1994) [9‘34"; from "Brave" ; UK; Néo-prog]
Camembert: Fécondée par un extra-terrestre [15‘10"; from "Negative Toe" ; Fra; Avant-prog/RIO]
Arena: The Legend of Elijah Shade [22‘59"; from "Double Vision" ; UK; Neo-prog]
Holy Mushroom: C the preacher [12‘36"; from "Moon" ; Esp; Psychédélique]
Gleb Kolyadin: The room [4‘13"; from "Gleb Kolyadin" ; Rus; Prog de chambre]
Gleb Kolyadin: Confluence [10‘23"; from "Gleb Kolyadin" ; Rus; Prog de chambre]


Progscopie - 206 - 20180503

Nous abordons le contenu du n°92 du magazine belge sur le rock progressif. Au programme:
Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfish: Joi [3‘52"; from "Blade Runner 2049 - OST"; All; Ambient]
William Sheller: Hare krishna [6‘21"; from "Lux Aeterna"; Fra; Symphonique]
DBA: Skyscraper Souls [18‘9"; from "Skyscraper Souls"; UK; Progressif/pop]
Kauan: Akva [7‘56"; from "Sorni Noi"; Fin; Post-rock]
Machiavel: Mister Street Fair [7‘55"; from "Jester"; Bel; Symphonique]
The Residents: Six things to a cycle (extract) [10‘00"; from "Fingerprince"; USA; Experimental]
Kraftwerk: Kristallo [6‘18"; from "Rald and Florian"; All; Krautrock]
Aldo Tagliapetra: Musica e parole [4‘39"; from "Invisibili realta"; Ita; Pop progressive]
Nordmann: The king [7‘27"; from "The Boiling Ground"; Be; Jazz-rock]
Lazuli: Chronique canine [6‘17"; from "Saison 8"; Fra; Rock progressif]
Jethro Tull: Part 2 (extract) [5‘0"; from "A passion play"; UK; Folk progressif]

Progscopie - 201 - 20180222

Pour cette émission nous abordons le contenu du n°91 du magazine Prog-Résiste. Description des sections, de certains artistes et nous avons écouté:
Soup: Sleepers [13‘35"; from "Remedies"; NOR; Space-rock/Progressif; ITW-contact]
Alan Parsons Project: The Fall of the House of Usher [16‘10"; from "Tales of Mystery and Imagination"; UK; Progressif pop; Collector]
Astrïd & Rachel Grimes: The Herald En Masse [5‘29"; from "Through the Sparkle"; FRA/USA; Prog de chambre/Post-rock; Indixpensables]
This Patch of Sky: Paper Mountains [5‘15"; from "These Small Spaces"; USA; Post-rock; Courants Alternatifs]
Daydream XI: Collector of souls [6‘28"; from "The Circus Of The Tattered And Torn"; USA; Métal progressif; Metal pressé]
Residents: Rest Aria [5‘9"; from "Meet the residents"; USA; Expérimental; Does humour belong to Prog]
Marillion: Blind Curve [9‘12"; from "Misplaced childhood"; UK; Néo-prog; Collector]
Deluge Grander: Water to glass/The ultimate solution [12‘28"; from "Oceanorium"; USA; Progressif symphonique; AE]
7C: Approaching a City [5‘4"; from "Compartment C"; ITA; Expérimental; Courants Alternatifs]
Il Tempio Delle Clessidre: La spirale del vento [8‘43"; from "Il-ludere"; ITA; Progressif symphonique; ITW-Maison]
We Stood Like Kings: Eldoradosis [6‘30"; from "USA 1982"; BEL; Post-rock; Courants Alternatifs]

Progscopie - 194 - 20171102

Revue du n°90 du magazine Prog-Résiste spécialisé en rock progressif. Avec en invité Thierry Istace.
Accordo dei Contrari: Il violato intato [7‘8"; from "Violato Intato"; Italie; fusion/prog rock;]
David Cross Band: The Pool [9‘7"; from "Sign of the Crow"; UK; prog]
Miriodor: Venin [4‘33"; from "Signal 9"; Can; RIO]
Discipline: The Body yearns [9‘24"; from "Captives of the Dark Wine Sea"; UK; prog symphonique]
Magenta: Colours [10‘47"; from "We are Legend"; UK; Prog]
Big Big Tain: A Mead Hall in the Winter [15‘20"; from "Grimspound"; UK; prog]
Weserbergland: Das Trinklied vom Jammer der Erde [15‘42"; from "Sehr Kosmisch Ganz Progisch"; All; Space-rock]
Giles Giles & Fripp: Just Georges [0‘12"; from "The cheerful insanity of "; UK; Psychédélique]
Giles Giles & Fripp: Elephant song [3‘15"; from "The cheerful insanity of "; UK; Psychédélique]
Giles Giles & Fripp: Erudite eyes [5‘10"; from "The cheerful insanity of "; UK; Psychédélique]
Oiseaux-Tempête: Baalshamin [7‘44"; from " AL-'AN ! الآن (And your night is your shadow — a fairy-tale piece of land to make our dreams)"; Fra; Stoner/Expérimental]
Anathema: Springfield [5‘56"; from "The Optimist"; UK; Néo-prog]