The Progresiste Convention was our first show outside Israel, and it's the best one we've ever had.

First, there's the extremely professional and caring organization of the Prog-resiste team and Francis of the Spirit Of 66. Everything was on time, the equipment was great, and great care was taken for the bands' welfare. Francis' superb work on the sound was the work of an artist. It's amazing how the sound was good throughout the convention with 3-4 bands per night.

Then, there's the show itself. Wow. It was a unique and wonderful experience for us all. The crowd was amazing and you could just feel the energy in the air - That's what true progressive rock is all about!

Also, the other shows were very good, and we enjoyed the whole weekend of the convention.

Last, the hospitality of the Prog-resiste team, especially Piero, Gilles and Jean-Marc, was very warm and welcoming. We felt totally among friends.

We wish you many more such wonderful conventions, and may we meet again in the future !

With true friendship, Solstice Coil


Overhead wishes to thank
the wonderful and enthusiastic audience,
the whole Prog-Resiste team
and Francis Geron
for their great job,

and all the other bands for the great music!

It was a fantastic weekend that we won't forget.

All the best to you all and hope to see you again !
The boys of Overhead will be back in town...

Jaakko, Alex, Tare, Ville and Pyle


.... La musique est une magie,

qui, comme toutes les magies, vit dans le coeur des personnes
disposées à croire que tout est possible.

Alors si on ne croit pas à la magie,
il reste une possibilité :

Celle de prendre la route d'une jolie petite ville de Belgique,
et là, dans une petite maison de la place centrale,
y découvrir les grands magiciens de Prog-Résiste,
et le grand alchimiste Francis.

Puis se laisser transporter par l'ambiance,
et écouter ...... La magie se trouve là !!

Et nous, Mangala Vallis,
nous avons à nouveau entrepris ce voyage-là,
pour y rencontrer cette magie,
et y laisser, comme chaque fois,
un petit morceau de notre coeur.

Gigi Cavalli Cocchi,
Mangala Vallis.